About us

About us

Our biological diversity is our greatest wealth in our world.

What should be done for a sustainable future, for a sustainable agriculture? We are working for the answer to the question. We continue to support the local farmers and their products.

Our main goal is to work for the sustainability of the food and the seed in Turkey and the world. We declared production mobilization in agriculture, planted local seeds instead of commercial seeds, supported our small farmers and expanded our production network. We continue to work for these products that we grow and produce to find their well-deserved place in the global markets.

I’ve been looking for ways to bring my ideas and dreams to life throughout my life. As Mahatma Gandhi beautifully said, “Be a part of the change you want to see in the world!”

The changes are not difficult, the idea is difficult and painful. Especially for someone who is determined and acts alone! Because it is necessary to change habits and behaviors, to give up the automatic reactions you give to life … The difficulty of life does not end anyway.

Here is an important solidarity issue to act together; As the pioneer of these changes, we will continue to work and produce with our farmers whom you trust in their production. In this process from farm to table, we will continue to deliver agricultural products that we grow safely.

Our story will start from the soil and continue appeal to your palate.

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